Bumpdate - 25 weeks

It has been a crazy week! I spent Monday and Tuesday at our main campus (an hour drive) and work is definitely picking up. But all is well.

As of Tuesday, I am 25 weeks pregnant with the bambino. During his/her 24th week, Baby R remained the size of a papaya, but was packing on pounds. Also, the previously translucent skin is becoming more opaque, with a rosy glow, thanks to lots of small capillaries forming.

Week 24 was a very important milestone, as it marks the week of viability. If born today (although I certainly want to keep Baby in until November) Tuff would have a 50 to 70 percent chance of survival, compared to the 20-35 percent chance at 23 weeks. At 26 weeks, it will be more than 90 percent!

In mommy's world, I'm still not craving anything special, just cantaloupe. Yum-o. And nachos. But rodeo time in Southeast Missouri will do that to you - ha! I had nachos at BWWs on Saturday and nachos at home (J's request) on Sunday. I guess as long as you pile on veggies and aren't too gracious with the cheese they aren't that bad, right?

Ice cream must be though. On Tuesday, I was up THREE POUNDS in one week. AHHHHHH! I'm about to bust another 10-pound mark on the scale and that terrifies me. So as of now, I'm up about 10 pounds total. I was hoping to only gain about 20 lbs. the entire pregnancy, but we'll see. Now, I should average 3/4 to 1 lb. per week, but come week 36, women typically don't see any gain because their bellies are so full it's tough to eat a lot. So it's still attainable.

This was also the week I really popped! I went through about five outfits on Tuesday before finding something that fit/didn't make me look like a boat (dresses!) Seriously - pants that I could wear last week no longer fit. Some even with the Bella band! I didn't realize how much my hips and theighs would gain - although I'm sure those three pounds have something to do with it.

I'm still thinking (and most people are guessing) it's a boy based on my belly shape. We'll see in November :) We're still coming up with fun names for boys AND girls.

And although I feel huge, it's nice to finally be out of that rocking the beer gut stage. People can definitely tell, without a doubt, that I am a pregnant woman, not just a fatso.

So, here we are at 25 weeks (forgot to take a photo Monday, as I put in more than 12 hours at work)

Those are normal jeans, but I was wearing the Bella Band with them. And they were still tight!!!

Now for fun, let's compare it to the first bump picture I posted on here --- I was about 18 weeks 2 days, I believe ...

No big changes, right?

In other news, we ordered Tuff's bedding last week and it came in today! SOON we need to get the room cleaned out and pick the paint so J can tackle that and I can start putting the nursery together. I've been pinning lots of ideas on Pinterest.

We also registered at Target, but still need to do so at Walmart and maybe Babies R Us.

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  1. I love Pinterest for their ideas! You look wonderful and seem to be having such a good pregnancy! Yay for the viability week! I love BWW's! :)


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