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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Happy Monday, friends! I can't believe it's already almost 3 p.m.

I hope you all had a good weekend! Ours had a good mix of work and play :)

{ready for work}
ever have one of those weekends that's so busy you're ready to go back to work? that's how i felt last night! i don't even think it's that we were busy pretty much every waking minute as much as that we were doing hard work. stuff that would wear me out no matter what, but especially at practically seven months pregnant.

we finished building our shelves under the stairway on thursday. we're trying to make the best possible use of our space and organize all the storage. plus shelves mean we don't have things all over the floor, so if the water table gets so high water seeps in again, we're prepared :)
anyhow, we spent friday night putting the storage items back in the closet and getting the hallway and bathroom cleaned - meaning wiping down the walls, shop vac-ing where the floor and wall meets, wiping down the walls, then mopping - twice!
i think it was about 10 p.m. by the time we headed upstairs?
tired as i was, i COULD NOT sleep in on saturday morning. so i let my hubby sleep in while i started cleaning the kitchen. that morning i got the kitchen/dining room, living room and main bath all cleaned! thank goodness i just did them a week ago - cleaning really does go so much better when it's done on a regular basis.
anyhow after i did all that i needed a break so i laid down "for 10 minutes." which turned into a 1.5 hour nap. whoops. oh well, i guess Tuffy and i needed it :) we had a couple of birthday parties that night, so i spent the rest of the day getting ready for that and running into town for cards. and yes, i danced the night away, pregnant and all. with high school kids there. ha!
yesterday after doing some more cleaning around the house, i convinced hubs to help me carry some of the larger baby items down to the basement for storage. i'm clumsy and didn't want to fall :) apparently that was all the encouragement he needed to get started down there and we ended up getting things back in order in most of the space! we got the hallway lined out, cleared off our pool table, shop vac-ed around the entire area, got our workout room in order and more! considering our basement has been a disaster and embarrassment since April, i was so glad we got all of that done! we only lack 1-2 hours down there and feel like we can enjoy our basement again. it does still need the trim and we plan to install doors, but that can be done in the winter when there is no yard work and the nursery is ready :)

can anyone say that wedding planning isn't expensive and stressful? a friend (who is really more of an acquaintance these days) is getting married this weekend. it's her second marriage. but today she's just been posting about how stressful and expensive her wedding is. well, duh! and we don't want to hear about it. i planned my wedding in about eight weeks but those are the choices we make. do i hate how much some of it cost? yup! but i didn't have to do all of that either, and i didn't go practically begging for help. i could have just gone to the courthouse and it would have been a lot cheaper and less expensive. i don't need to read five posts from you in one day.

i am so grateful that my east coast friends are all safe after the earthquake and hurricane. it definitely has been a rough year for disasters. not sure how much truth there is to it, but apparently FEMA is suspending payments to some of the tornado victims in Joplin to help with relief from Irene. i'm all about helping the hurricane victims, but i just don't think this is the right way to go about it. silly federal government.

{maternity pictures}
my maternity pictures are approaching very soon and i am just clueless. i have no idea what to wear (what i like on me changes from day to day.) and since we don't know the gender, i am trying to think of unique things.

i LOVE gender reveals. i'd like to do something cute at the hospital for those who come up (although i'd love to not let anyone know i've even been admitted until we have a babe in our arms.) all i can come up with right now are cupcakes. suggestions?

ok, I think that's enough randomness for this monday. have a great week!


  1. awe i think the cupcake idea is adorable!!

  2. 7 months?! I didnt know you were that far along already. Congrats, pretty girl! :) Can't wait to see your pictures.


  3. Just reading about your weekend makes me wanna take a nap!!

  4. Wow, yay for getting so much done! I bet that helps your stress levels a lot! It's funny when going back to work means getting a break. haha.

    A gender reveal party at the hospital is hard since in order to prepare the cupcakes, you'd have to know the sex right? Why not have an ultrasound tech write down the sex and seal it in an envelope and have a baker make the cupcakes/cake and you can take it with you to the hospital? With only the inside being colored so that it doesn't ruin the surprise for you guys!


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