I think I've worked harder this week than I did the first two weeks of the job combined! Of course, having four hours of driving time didn't help matters any. Since I haven't had much time to blog, I figured I would roll it all into one post.
  • Our annual rodeo is in town and I love it! We had tickets for Wednesday's opening night (entertainment was Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and Cowboy Troy) and we LOVED IT! Even though I was so behind on my sleep and my back had been hurting since noon, it was totally worth not getting to bed until 1.
  • That being said, with all the extra hours I'd worked earlier in the week, I left a couple hours early yesterday and took a nap. We contemplated going to rodeo last week, but my body told me no. We'll probably head out for a bit tonight and definitely on Saturday.
  • Rodeo week is usually the hottest week of the year in Southeast Missouri. But we've been having great temperatures, with temps in the 70s at night. It's nice!
  • I used to be quite the coupon clipper, but REALLY got out of it around Christmas last year when life got pretty busy. I've been picking them up recently but not really clipping. Well, last night I clipped four of the inserts I have. Only 16 to go ... yikes. Oh well, it saves a TON of money, and I definitely need to do that and stock up the next few months.
  • I've also been hitting up a lot of yard sales. I think people are crazy to pay full price for baby stuff when you can get it (practically brand-new) for a FRACTION of the price at a garage sale. Today I got two crib mattress pads for $4 each - paying less for two than I would have for one at the store. And it great condition!
  • J has been on vacation since Wednesday and I am very, very jealous. He did have lunch with me and hang a few things on my office wall on Wednesday though. And had a great surprise for me when I got home yesterday! Plus I've been getting egg sandwiches for breakfast - yummy, healthy and filling. I don't even need a morning snack!
  • I'm REALLY hoping I get to leave work early today. But I have so many errands to run it will probably still be 5 by the time I get home!
  • I cannot get myself motivated to clean out the nursery. I think it's because we have so many other home projects? And the fact that my kitchen seems to be unable to stay clean more than a few hours keeps me pretty busy.
  • We're sort of looking at new vehicles for me. Which is definitely a need. But not knowing what my income will be like for six to eight weeks unfortunately has this on the back burner :/ I HATE looking and knowing we can't buy right now.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I'd love to buy a new vehicle too. Whenever we have a baby I'll want one because my car is a Scion tC so it's only 2 door and the back seats are deep in - not really easy to get a carseat in and out of. :( I'd love an SUV but to be honest, I can't afford a car payment and my car has been paid off for a year and a half. :(

    I never really got into couponing. I mean, I cut out the ones I could use (and end up throwing most of them away) but never got into the extreme couponing where you get things free and such.

    Have fun at the Rodeo!

  2. You seem super busy girl! You are smart to be hitting up garage stuff seems so expensive!


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