What I'm Loving

It's definitely the baby edition this week :) Seems to be all I have on the brain right now.

{1} I'm LOVING that we had another great checkup with Baby R yesterday. He/she seems to be intent on keeping the gender a secret, as the heartbeat was a solid 146. Typically 150 and up later in the pregnancy indicates girl, while 120s to 130s indicates boy. We also talked about some old wives tales and indicators that J and I plan to test soon.

{2} I'm LOVING that we finally got the crib bedding ordered. After a lot of debate, I decided to just order something rather than go through the hassle of getting something made. This way once it comes in it's taken care of and I only will need coordinating fabric for curtains, some wall coverings I plan to do and to embellish burp rags.

{3} I'm LOVING how much the baby is moving. He even kicked the doctor yesterday.

{4} I'm LOVING comments about how I've "only gained in my belly." Hopefully that's true and it will remain that way :)

{5} I'm LOVING that we got to chow down on some Olive Garden last night (thanks to a gift card we received as a wedding present). I think Tuff likes the salad as much as I do.

What are you loving on this beautiful (and hot!) Wednesday?


  1. mmm olive garden salad.
    i could eat that for the rest of my life and be content!

  2. enjoy your pregnancy! It's such a sweet and exciting time :)

  3. I love OG salad. And the soup. Yum!

    Ok, I must of missed the into to the "Tuff" name. How did Tuff come to be or what does it mean.. I feel confused! lol

    You look great pretty mama, they're right!

    Yay for bedding!

  4. First off, CONGRATS on the little bundle! :) Being pregnant is the most amazing experience... I craved Olive Garden salad when I was expecting too! Best salad EVER! For some reason food tastes SO much better when you're eating for two! Have a great Wednesday!

  5. Secretive baby, not letting you two what his/her gender is. Sounds like you all are doing very well and I am glad to hear that :).

  6. Aw yes good Dr. visits are always a plus! Isn't it such am amazing feeling when your baby moves..I remember thinking WOW he is really in there haha! Such an amazing experience..enjoy every minute..even the not so fun parts :) And Congrats soon to be Momma!

  7. so many great loves today! So glad to hear your check-up went well!


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