It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

... to crack open a Coke at 8:30 a.m. Somedays, you need that extra jolt.

... when your husband laughs when he sees what you are wearing to work. Then you get defensive and ask if the dress looks too hoochie mama, and he just says that it's way shorter in front than in the back ... a problem he never envisioned you having!

... when the police chief in town asks if you've been stealing basketballs. Nope, just growing a human being!

... to stay in bed until almost 7 a.m. and then wonder why you are late to work. 

... to laugh uncontrollably when Zingbot referred to Shelly on BB13 as a dude - when you've thought she might be a man the entire tim!

... to have frozen pizza for dinner at least one night a week. 

... to accuse your dog of stinking up the basement after he's been inside for less than 10 minutes, only to discover the smell is about $10 of pork that you accidentally left sitting out by the deep freeze. 

... to love said dog and treat him like he's one of your children. And then wonder how he'll react when a baby does come home in three short months. Yes, Hanky Poo loves kids, but those are visitors, and he doesn't like sharing mommy and daddy. When we had sweet BG dog, we could be petting both of them at the same time but he still got jealous!

... to wake up on Wednesday thinking it's Friday. And then be pretty disappointed by it.

... to tell your husband you are driving his truck to work until he fixes the air in your car or it cools down. And refuse to refill the gas tank :)

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  1. Bahahhahaha we were laughing so hard at the zingbot! I love that they were in the diary room "zinging" eachother and Jordan zinged herself! Hahhahah

  2. LOL love your post girl. It made me laugh. You'll sure set him straight on getting your car fixed by not filling his tank up! haha. :)

  3. I hate thinking it's later in the week than it actually is! THanks for linking up :)


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