It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It has been one busy day! So it's totally OK to take a blogging break, right?

It's OK:

... to pump while blogging. TMI? Sorry, that's true life right now.

... to tell your hubby you'll pack his lunchbox if he'll get the baby dressed because you are feeling sickly.

... then you kiss said baby all over his adorable little face.

... to apologize to adorable baby when you are carrying him into daycare with a blanket over his face - because he's grunting and you just KNOW it's because he hates feeling like mommy is hiding that pretty little face.

... to have FOUR loads of laundry to be folded. And it only gets accomplished because the PAT coordinator is coming for a home visit.

... to have no idea where your debit card is, but feel relieved to check your bank account and find no suspicious activity. It's somewhere, right?

... to forget how old you are when people ask - answering that you are OLDER than you really are.

... to constantly show off pictures of your kid because you know everone else thinks you are obsessed  he is the cutest thing ever, too!

... to wonder if he really is an ugly babe and you are just blind to it.

... to sneak in late to work your third week back because you just can't roll out of bed in the morning.

... to laugh at your "baby" horse because he's no longer going to be "a man" after the weekend. Too much testosterone!

... to be scared to have another kid not so much because of the pian, lack of sleep and expense, but because you are terrified of being stuck in a house full of boys!

... to savor bath time every night because it's the only "me" time you get in the day.

... to consider keeping the office door closed five more minutes and take a little cat nap :)


  1. Haha this is too funny!

    No he is not ugly, he's quite adorable!! He really is! It's strange but I have always been afraid "What if people think my baby is ugly?" And I say things like " I sure hope he's cute!" haha.

    What's a PAT coordinator?

  2. I forget how old I am allllll the time. No worries!

  3. Haha wondering if he is really ugly and you are blind to it is hilarious!

  4. haha, i often wonder that about parents when i think a child looks funny. Do they know they look funny or do they really think they are the cutest thing ever....can you tell i dont have kids! haha!


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