Let's talk about stretch marks

Like most pregnant women, I hoped and prayed I wouldn't get stretch marks. My mom said she'd never had any issues, so I figured I wouldn't either. I bought the belly butter, but only used it 4-5 times a week.

Around 23 weeks (I think) my doctor even noted how I was lucky and didn't have any stretch marks yet.

Woman jinxed me. One morning - not even a week later - I saw it. On the left side of my stomach, below my belly button, was that angry red line.

At that point, I went into belly butter overdrive. We're talking morning AND night. Typically at night, hubby would massage it ALL over, while I focused on just the belly in the mornings.

But there was no stopping them. Baby Cooper apparently grew so quickly that my usually sensitive skin didn't have the time to stretch. When I showed them to my mom in October (six weeks before Cooper was born) she was horrified. By the time I delivered, They were all around my belly. After he was born, I even noticed a couple on my hips.

Are they pretty? No. I'll probably never wear a bikini again. My doc agrees they are bad, but not the worst she's ever seen. They recommend Vitamin E, and I've been using Bio Oil twice a day, which seems to help A LOT. They also say the marks will continue to fade for a year.

Honestly, it really doesn't bother me like I thought it would. In my blissful pre-stretch mark days, I came across this on another mommy blog or board and tucked it back, just in case. Now, it gives me comfort - and I'm hoping will be a good read for some of you other mommies. (And honestly, I don't have near enough marks for all of this, but still a good read!)

A mark for every breath you took,

every blink, every sleepy yawn.

One for every time you sucked your thumb

waved hello, closed your eyes,

and slept in the most perfect darkness.

One for every time you had the hiccups.

One for every dream you dreamed within me.

… It isn’t very pretty anymore.

Some may even think it’s ugly.

That’s OK.

It was your home.

It held you until my arms could

and for that,

I will always find something beautiful in it.


  1. I have tons, on my arms, stomach, legs, thighs, hips, boobs, you name it they are there. I gained 85 pounds during my pregnancy, I weighed 125 when I got pregnant. I have one for every letter in that poem. I don't care anymore, I can't change it and I wouldn't, and I don't even have a husband, but it's apart of life,and someone will think exactly the way i do one day!
    Don't make yourself not feel beautiful because of it!

  2. Mine won't be too long now! I'm in the middle of 24 weeks and I just know they won't be much longer. Especially because I'm gaining pretty quickly the past couple weeks. I went from being up 3 pounds forever, to losing 1 for a few weeks and only at a 2 pound gain to gaining 2 in one week and 3 the next putting me at 7. Aye aye aye. I'm prone to them and have had them before. So I know they're coming! I guess knowing they're coming should help ease the shock of seeing them. I've been using the tummy butter too and lotion but I know that won't help if I'm going to get them.

    So glad you are feeling OK with them. And you never know, they could fade so much that you can't even notice them without inspecting for them on purpose. Mine had faded away so much that you could hardly see them.

    I saw someone before said "think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes" and be proud of what you've accomplished. :)

  3. Once again I just love your honesty when it comes to talking about things. Stretch marks do happen--of course! So we might as well embrace them instead of hating them for forever!

  4. I love the outlook you've had through your whole pregnancy and afterwards! BTW, I haven't been able to comment on your blog in the past for some reason, but now that it's working again, your little guy is so adorable! I can't believe how much of a little man he looks like already!
    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  5. Just remember that your sweet Cooper is the one who made them for you...and they are worth it! :)


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