melts my heart

I've talked about my little friend Payton on the blog before. He is the kid who made me an aunt (in that his mom and I are bff) and taught me A LOT about being a mom. I call him my guinea baby - I learned to use a carseat with him, feed, burp, put together a pack and play and so much more.

Hubby has learned a lot from Payton also. And Mr. P definitely gives him a run for his money! Every time we've watched Payton since he turned 2, he keeps hubby on his toes and insists that he help feed "his" horses, and learns to workout and play pool from "Unk Jim." Now that we have a son, I know that it won't be long until our boy does the same things with daddy.Anyhow, last weekend, Payton & Mommy came to visit and I snapped a few pictures of the boys. They melt my heart - I so love that I have a boy that Payton can teach all sorts of things :)

So sweet.

Payton's family just found out they are expecting another little one! I can't wait to have another niece/nephew to spoil and love on, and from the looks of these pictures, I think he will be a great big brother!


  1. So cute! Sweet Cooper is growing like a weed!!!

  2. How sweet! He looks like he loves Cooper and will be a great big brother!

  3. so adorable!! cooper looks like he is enjoying his bff!


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