My poor baby ...

Is not feeling the best :(

Sunday morning, Mr. Cooper woke up with a very stuffy nose. Poor babe. And lots of spit up ... but how do you like milk when you are congested?

We suctioned him all day. After the first couple times, he decided he didn't like it. Seriously, it was so bad he broke down every time we laid him on the changing pad. We ran the humidifier and also covered his little chest in Vicks.

Keep in mind the whole time, Momma wasn't feeling too great either. And daddy had just gotten over being sick as well.

So I kept him home yesterday. I was off work and though I had toyed with the idea of taking him to the sitter for 1/2 of the day (I have to pay regardless) I just didn't think it was far to my little Tuff boy to go while his momma was off work anyhow.

He had lots of fun on his mat especially with his new toy, Freddy the Frog. We let Cooper choose between it and a blue puppy dog and his face TOTALLY lit up when I held up the frog :)


And all weekend we did a whole lot of this! Cooper loves to cuddle with both his mommy AND his daddy :)

Totally not the best angle for me, but I don't care
In between loving on my two boys, I actually got some cleaning accomplished over the weekend! *Most* of our laundry is done (although not all folded), the kitchen has been cleaned for the first time in probably six weeks (and looks SO big) and our living room is mostly clean. Yay for progress :)

How was your weekend? Did you all get Monday off or have to work?


  1. what a cutie pie!!

  2. So heartbreaking for Cooper to be all stuffed up. I hope he's all better soon! At least he got to stay home with his mommy yesterday! :)Even though he's not feeling 100% he sure is looking it. He's so cute! Yay for cleaning. Cleaning really does make rooms look/feel bigger. I love a clean house!


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