Cooper :: 12 months

AKA one year ...

My, how this year has flown by! It's been the best :)

Mister Cooper, you sure have developed your very own personality this month. You sure have figured out how to use those emotions, too.

You LOVE to laugh. And we love to hear it. I think it's my favorite sound in the whole world. You especially like us blowing shlerberts on your tubby little belly.

While you tend to go with the flow, you definitely have a mind of your own and a bit of a sassy streak as well. If you aren't happy, you won't hesitate to express that.

You are a very curious little boy. If you hear something, you whip your head around to see what it is. Sometimes, I swear I can see the gears moving inside your sweet little head.

You aren't just walking, you are running now. It's just the cutest! That helps the nosiness :)

You are my mischevious little man. I swear, just before you get into something, you turn and give me a sneaky little smile. You have definitely learned the word no. You also are a climber - most recently, trying to climb up the pegs on the entertainment center.

You are quite the sweetheart, though, and will still cuddle up to your mommy and daddy. I can sit on the floor and say "mommy hug" and then you'll pitter patter my way and hold me tight. It melts my heart.


In terms of food, you eat it all! You've been nursing morning & night and having milk milk in the sippy cup (12 ounces total) during the day. We've officially said goodbye to the bottle - which doesn't mean you're doing fantastic with the sippy, but things are better and you don't need the bottle.

I'm trying to decide how to wean you completely, and emotionally prepare myself.

You eat three meals a day (with pretty large servings!) and also a couple snacks. I'm also working to have you eat more table food - this mama is getting tired of the purees! For your birthday, daddy made pancakes, and you thought they were good. You also like pizza and hot dogs :) I use Cheerios to distract you in the mornings. Oh, and you absolutely loved our Thanksgiving meal.

Cooper, you cut a new tooth that showed up Thanksgiving morning, so we're now at seven. I think another is pretty close behind.

You know the word "no" {wonder why} and you yell "Mama" all the time. You will also say bye, Dada, da {dog} and sometimes Doc, our horse.

Last week, we had you hanging out in just a diaper since your clothes were soaked from sippy cup malfunctions. You have learned to take off your dipe, and were walking around the living room wearing nothing but socks. Too cute.

We go to the doctor today, so I'll have to update with your stats tomorrow :) I'd guess you weigh about 22 pounds and are about 30 inches tall.

Your body shape is hilarious - you have broad shoulders (like Daddy), a long torso (like Mommy), a skinny little waist (all Daddy!) and short legs. Seriously. You can wear 9-12 and 12-18 month shirts, but can still wear 6-9 month pants ... along with 12 month, of course. And your feet are huge! You are already outgrowing the 18 month socks.

You are all boy and then some - you like to play with/roll the ball, anything with wheels, and trains! You love to go outside, and it kills me when it's too cold to let you play outdoors.

My dear, sweet baby boy:

This has been the greatest year. I love being able to watch you grow and develop and hit all these milestones. You have taught me so much about life. You will always be my baby boy, no matter what. I thank God that he chose me to be your mama.

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  1. I can't believe Mr. Cooper is ONE! Ahhh! He is so handsome. I can only imagine how this past year flew by and how it pulls at your mama heart strings.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I can't believe he's one already. My how time really does fly! :)
    Happy birthday, sweet Cooper! xo


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