Weekend update!

Haaaaappy Monday, Friends! I am super dooper excited because this is a short week. Not to mention, it's the beginning of Mister's birthday week!

I decided to join in on a linkup for this weekend wrap up.

A couple of our friends stopped in to deliver Cooper's birthday present, since they will be unable to make his party. Mister did have fun ripping the paper, but really enjoyed pushing around/stepping on the box! He got a ton of new clothes. Thanks, Liz and Josh!

Since L&J just found out they are having a baby, I threw together a little goody basket for them ... mostly to help Liz address her cravings! I did crackers, Flipz, a receiving blanket, a rubber ducky, water flavor packets (I remember those days!), and a couple books for Baby H. We also got pizza and had a great time visiting!

As usual, I got started on the cleaning and laundry pretty early. When C took his morning nap, I headed downstairs to test out the treadmill. Woof. Let me just say I hate the treadmill because you have to run at a set pace. Then there's the fact that it's been about four weeks since I last ran. Oh, and I didn't take my Claritin. At least I did some running, right?

That afternoon we loaded up and went to a Power Rangers birthday party. Made a quick trip to Cape to look at gun holsters and pick up party supplies at Sams.

And Saturday night was epic. My good friend Christine and her boyfriend, Greg, were in for an early Thanksgiving, so we all hung out that night. Catching up. Having Chinese. Playing Apples to Apples and Privacy. Having our boys play, until they finally passed out around 11 p.m. Just perfect.


Thanks to our late night, C slept in until 9:30 a.m. - which allowed us to sleep in AND eat breakfast before he woke up! Once C laid down for his nap, J & I got to work down in the basement, beginning to set things up for this weekend and finishing cleaning. Like a dork, I totally forgot to take any pictures ... but I promise, there will be plenty in his first birthday post!

We then got to working outside ... organizing near the doors, placing some blocks around shrubs, etc. Hubby then decided to work on putting together the cover for Coco's pen, so Coop and I helped some, until we had to go in. Thankfully, Mister cooperated rather well while I was able to get some house cleaning done.

We wrapped up the night with fish stick sandwiches, the Amazing Race, and Hawaii Five-0. A great weekend!

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  1. I've never heard of that Privacy game, but my friends and I love game nights, so we might have to check it out.

    Also, I'm loving this season of Amazing Race, too!


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