Weekend wrap up

Before going to sleep last night, I told hubby that if I could, I would keep hitting pause and rewind on this weekend. It was that perfect.

Friday was pretty laid back. By the time I got home, hubs had finished extending the water line in our basement and hooking up the ice maker in our new fridge. A few weeks ago, we bought a stainless steel fridge that was heavily discounted at Lowe's - all because the people who purchased it first said it didn't make the ice quickly enough. Seriously, it was like 1/3 of the price :) Well, the catch was that we only had 30 days to return it if it didn't work, and that time was winding down. Luckily, hubs got it hooked up with no problems, and it makes ice great - in fact, it looked like maybe they had forgotten to flip a switch. Their loss was totally our gain!

Anyhow, we did need one small piece to totally finish it up, so we ran into town to stop at Lowe's, hit up a big sale at a local grocery store, and stop for some dinner. And of course, have some family time in front of the TV once we made it home!

After sleeping in Saturday, we did a lot of housework. Or I did, while J detailed his truck. We also got to take advantage of some family time outside - it was a beautiful day!

We had loosely talked to some friends about going out that night. Well, they ended up canceling, but since we had a sitter, we decided to take advantage of an unexpected date night! We ended up eating at Logan's, then checking out the new casino and stopping in at the club where we used to practically live on the weekends on the way home - my, how things change! Under new ownership, it didn't have near the crowd, and it was a lot of "older" people - and here I was afraid of being too old to hit the club :)

Mister decided to make mommy pay for having fun on Saturday night and woke up before 7 a.m. Sunday - practically unheard of! We played a bit, then I headed into town to do the grocery shopping. Of course, there was plenty of cleaning and laundry in the mix!

Later in the day, hubby and I decided to work on cleaning up the basement. Our friends had a battery-operated Artic Cat for their little boy that he had outgrown and graciously handed it down to us for Mister. We put him on it and he figured out he controlled the pedal. Too cute!

{I couldn't get it to embed, but here is the link!}

After some supper and Amazing Race, w e all decided to call it a perfect weekend :)

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  1. Sweet deal on that fridge!! Love when things work out like that.

  2. Oh my gosh that little clip of him driving the Artic Cat is adorable!! So cute and his amused laugh was funny.

    Also, him sitting in that chair watching tv is SO cute!! I can not believe he's days away from being 1. Gahhhhhh!

    That is an awesome score on the fridge! Congrats! I love deals like that.

    Sounds like a productive and fun weekend. I had a great day yesterday being home with my husband (Gray was in day care so we could get some work done) and I told him we never get to see that much of each other in a day and I really enjoyed the whole day. Wish we got more done - voting took nearly an hour and a half, and we had other errands that kept us out for the whole morning including a run - but it was a great day and we got done what we had needed to get done which was moving things out of our basement so my MIL can move in. Yeah... gotta blog about that. lol Big changes.


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