Zoo trip!

Back at the end of August, we took Mister to the zoo! We had to travel to Little Rock so decided to make it a bit of a family vacation. Honestly, I much prefer the St. Louis Zoo {and not just because it's free!}, but it was nice to see something else.

The one picture I have with him. You'll see below, there are plenty with his daddy. So tip to mommies: make sure you get plenty of pictures with your babies too!

Of course Maxx had to be at his side

I like these penguins, Mom & Dad!

Giraffes were his favorite at the time, so Cooper really enjoyed this part of the zoo.

We definitely had a lot of fun, but honestly, it was more for mommy & daddy. I'm definitely looking forward to a trip to St. Louis next summer - I think Cooper will have a lot more fun once he's a little older!
{PS - I must make a better effort to blog these things sooner - Mister has changed so much in the past two months!}

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