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Two posts in one day! You guys are in for such a treat!

I'm Michelle.

I'm a mama and a wife. And a fundraiser/developer, daughter, sister and friend, although my roles as a mother and wife are the ones I take most seriously. I love to cook and bake

These two are my life

I love to write. So much, that I obtained a degree in journalism and was employed by a newspaper for four years, until I was offered this position.

11.23.11 - best day of my life!

My love for writing is what led me to blogging. While I wrote for a living, the blog was, and is, my true creative outlet. Not to mention, I was buying a house, planning a wedding, etc., so it was a great place to journal.
Our beautiful home! It sits on about 5 acres in Southeast Missouri

I truly consider this a lifestyle blog - while sweet Cooper {who just turned 1} is pretty much the star these days, I also dabble in decorating, recipes, and just life.

I love margaritas, whiskey and beer. Trying to become a wine lover.

The hubs and I. We used to be fun. Now a great weekend night is spent laughing at our cute kid.

I'm a pseudo-runner. This fall, I ran two 5K races, and can't wait for spring to begin running them again {I am a wimp and refuse to run in the cold.}

I'm far from perfect. I wish I had stronger relationships with family. I'd kill to have a little more patience. I could stand to lose about 15 pounds. I could definitely be a better wife and mom.

But I am me. Every time my little boy tries and tests my {lack of} patience with his stubborn, hard-headedness, I want to pull my hair out. But then I breather. And I thank God. Because even though that little boy may look like his daddy, he acts just like his mama. Independent. And I would definitely have that stubborn independence than a kid who just follows everyone and everything through life.


I'm Michelle. Nice to meet you.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Just found you from the women connection. what blessed life you've got. Your house and family is beautiful. Running is something that i'm hoping to add to my list of things I enjoy :) Looking forward to following your adventures :)

  2. Here from the link up! I'm a fellow boy mama who lives near Kansas City, MO! I also have a journalism degree but my blog is my outlet!

  3. Ooh what a fun link up! Love learning more about you too.
    How are you guys? How is baby Cooper doing?

    Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

  4. I hate running in the cold too, definitely a wimp and my winters are a lot milder than yours. xoxo


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