The week before ...

This being the week before my baby turns 1, I'm doing a lot of reminiscing. So often, I think "this time a year ago" and it's just absolutely insane. I mean, it feels like we were just celebrating Christmas last week.

Anyhow, one of the projects I'm working on for his party is a display of all his monthly pictures. So I figured I would share them on the old blog as well. Just in case anything ever happens to my computer, iPhone, and the hard copies :)

I received the prints in the mail yesterday and had them all laid out when hubs got home. We were debating our favorites. I think mine are 5 (chubby), 8 (grown!) and 10 (silly.)

I'm so glad I got the monthly onesie stickers - It gave me the motivation and reason to make sure I got a photo each month, and for that I am incredibly grateful.







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  1. I LOVE 3. It's still one of my favorites to date! And I love 8 too! 6 and 9 are really adorable and they are all cute!! 3,6,8,9! 11 haha he's such a big boy. Mama teaching him the hand on hip pose? :)


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