When thinking about my goals for 2013, it was much the same as years past. Lose weight, be healthier, save more money. Blah, blah, blah.

When I saw other bloggers instead choosing a "word" for the year, I was immediately drawn to the idea. Because that's where I am in life right now.

In 2013, I just want to be content. Happy with where I am.

Honestly, this really encompasses all of those goals, plus a few more.

I've seen all the posts pointing a finger at Pinterest, social media, etc. for setting too high of expectations for women.

As a working mom, I can definitely relate - I catch it in real life, too! It seems almost every holiday, I feel most of the other daycare moms have outdone me in their treats for the kids. Add that in to what I see on Pinterest, blogs, TV, etc., and it easily can make a woman feel like she's not doing "right" by her family.

But this year, I pledge to be happy with what I can do when it comes to my family. What's important is that we're all sitting down to eat a meal together, even if it is frozen pizza. And honestly? I know there are families out there that rely on processed or fast food far more than we do. Others may not consider the way our family operates as "perfect" but it is for us. We are all clothed, bathed, and fed. Those are the important things. And by golly, my kid knows he has all the love in the world. So if spending time with him in between work means frozen pizza and a messy house, so be it. These moments with my family are the most important right now.

The way I see it, being content will help me SO MUCH where money is concerned. Instead of having to go out and buy a new outfit for some occasion, I know that I have plenty of clothes and can shop in my own closet. Same goes for all the cute things I see in stores or online - I really need to ask myself if I need something.

To further help me with saving money (because let me tell you, between Christmas, taxes, Cooper's birthday and our life insurance coming due, the last two months have been killer!) I'm doing a couple things. First, on payday I will withdraw a certain amount of money, and that's all of my spending money for the month. I truly need to go to a cash system and I'm hoping I can figure it all out. Second, I'm going to cash out some portion of my mileage and other checks and keep the cash in a safe place at the house. Once it hits the amount I feel is appropriate for all those events, I'll start diverting those funds to my savings account instead.

When it comes to the losing weight part of the equation - let's just say I'm not content with where I am right now. However, instead of holding myself to some goal such as "lose 20 pounds" I want to just be content with my weight and body. Whether that means losing 5 or 20 pounds, I'm really not sure, because I do know that a tone 150 is a lot different that a flabby 150. So we'll just have to see.

I know I'm not perfect, and my goals aren't going to make me "perfect" either. I'm going to screw up. I'm sure I'll lose weight and gain some of it back. I'm sure I'll splurge, especially with my Vegas trip coming up. I'm just trying to make sure I don't hold myself to too high of standards - all that does is set me up for failure.

Someday, I'm sure I'll set those lofty goals again. I'd love to read just 12 books a year. I'd love to have monthly date nights again. Heck, I'd love to shave once a week {sorry if that's TMI}. But that's not the season of life I'm in right now. And I'm OK with that. And I'm hoping I can be OK with all the things life throws my way this year.

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  1. I love this idea of choosing a word to focus on & let everything else fall around it. I made the goal for 12 new books for me this year. I thought it would be pretty reasonible. Some of the folks who pick 50+ books I'm AMAZED at. Definitely don't have THAT kinda of time but I figured one a month was doable. I just finished my 1st - A Dog's Purpose, and I think you would like it! Easy read to pick up where you left off and cute story line - found myself missing my Reese several times and than stopping to love my Anna Belle.

  2. I haven't seen the word for the year thing yet. But it's a neat idea. I don't make resolutions and could make tons of reasons why. :)

    I'm trying to work on saving money myself! I recently set up automatic drafts each week to go into savings.

    Pinterest... is great. But I draw a major line with it. I love looking at ideas (during work or when I'm laying in bed mostly) of recipes, birthday plans, ect. But I usually only look up things I'd normally be taking time to do anyway - like making dinner. I don't want to look for a ton of projects that will result in me taking time away from my son. He will be grown up before I am ready for it, we aren't guaranteed tomorrow and I'm certainly not going to voluntarily throw away any of this precious time I get with him. **Of soapbox now. ;) **

    You're right. Frozen pizza, messy house? Nothing is more important than the time we have with our loves. Nothing! Nothing can top them. People's priorities are shocking. My SIL puts all her wants, projects, ect in front of everyone in her life including her 2 girls. She's always trying to do something she's seen on a blog, pinterest, ect. Her house is trashed, like gross, which would be fine if she was putting her kids first but she spends no time with her kids or lets them play outside and just be kids. It's sad.


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