What I'm Loving

It's REALLY easy to think of things I'm loving on this surprise snow day :)

I'm LOVING that I work in education and have the day off. Despite driving 30 MPH on a major highway on the way home from our main campus yesterday. Ugh. 

I'm LOVING that I get to spend the day with this little love monkey.

I'm LOVING that it means I get to catch up on the DVR. Two episodes of The Good Wife are already cleared!

I'm LOVING that we had a great night out for hubby's birthday over the weekend. We had a delicious steak dinner then met up with some friends at BWWs. It was the perfect night, until some drunken jerk knocked a friend's fruity drink over and it spilled all over my lap. Ugh!

I'm LOVING that my birthday is coming up in just a few weeks:)

I'm LOVING that we have our flight, hotel and show booked for our Vegas trip! So excited and hoping time flies until we depart :)

What are you loving today? Are you in a winter wonderland as well?

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  1. That birthday cake looks SO good! And I'm definitely not in a winter wonderland. In fact the high today is 65 but were supposed to get snow flurries tomorrow with a high of 44. Big drop, fast!


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