Cooper:: 13 months!

Note to new moms: Buy the monthly onesie stickers. They are worth it in that it is guaranteed you will get a monthly picture of your baby!

There. Now that's out of the way, I can tell you how this post really has been brewing for the past two weeks, but I've been waiting to get pictures. And it's never happened. We had way too many pajama days on break. But in the full interest of getting this post up closer to 13 months than 14, I wanted to go ahead, without the posed pictures.

Flirting with Aunties Christine and Bella - 12.23.12

Playing with PayPay - 12.23.12

Cooper, at 13 months, you are doing all kinds of things! You are into absolutely everything. You can have 20 toys sitting out, and you want our phones, cups, or papers that are out.

If we don't watch it, you'll grab a cup off the table and try to drink whatever is in it.

Talking on the phone

Mister, you are my little monkey man, and it scares me. You climb up the baby gate. You climb on top of the ottoman. You grab the bar on the oven and try to climb up it. While I love your curiosity and adventurous spirit, I cringe thinking of the emergency room visits I'm sure are in our future.

You think you are king of the world ...

You took the transition to cow's milk and a sippy just fine. We like the Take & Toss cups (cheap at Walmart) best, but when you toss them, the lid often pops off! We only offer you milk and water to drink.

Cooper, you also do very well at eating table foods. A typical breakfast for you is banana slices and a handful of Cheerios, and then you snack once you get to the sitter's. Lunch varies, and if you are home, your afternoon snack usually consists of string cheese and fruit or some puffs or Cheerios. For supper, you eat what we eat. You REALLY like green beans, peas and potatoes as your veggies, and bananas and applesauce for your fruits. Anything with tomato juice/sauce (chili, noodles cooked in tomato juice, lasagna, pizza) is high on your list, as well as hot dogs! You aren't too sure about breads yet.

You are a really good sleeper. You sleep overnight from about 8:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. (longer if we'll let you, such as on the weekends) and take two naps a day. If you sleep later, you'll just take one long nap around lunch time.

You love babies. Mrs. Robin sometimes has to pry you away from Zoey because you snuggle up to her. On your 13 month birthday, you got to meet your new cousin, Hayden, who wasn't quite one month yet, and you were very loving to him as well.)

You are all boy! When you play, you love anything with wheels on it. You often make the "RRRRR" noises too - have to have that motor. I sometimes call you "Coopy Monster" because you will roar - one day you saw my Mizzou magazine and there was a tiger on front, which prompted you to start roaring. It was adorable.

You love to dance, and watching you shake your little booty is priceless.

This month, you had a really bad cold, and ended up on a steroid cough medicine and taking breathing treatments. It broke my heart.

Speaking of my heart, it officially melted this month. I can sit on the floor, hold open my arms and say "mommy hug" and you'll run over and give me the biggest hug. So sweet. You've also figured out how to give kisses, and that makes me melt.

You had your first haircut this month.

At your PAT visit, you scored for exactly where you need to be, and then some, developmentally. You made your mama and daddy very proud.

We both love you to the moon and back. Thank you for being the sweet little boy that you are.


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  1. Sweet, smiley little man! I bet "mommy hugs" are your favorite part of each day. Very sweet. =)


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