Free time

If there is one thing moms can agree on, it's that, once the baby is out, there is no such thing as free time anymore. As a working mama, every day is a rat race from the time the alarm goes off until 8 p.m. when Mister goes to bed. I get so stinking jealous of the "me" time hubby gets between the time he gets home and Cooper and I get home.

Then there are days like today ... I am off work, hubby is at work, and the sitter is open. So, I took Cooper to her. At almost 14 months, he is into absolutely everything and it's downright impossible to get anything done when he is awake. 

But then there's the guilt. The feeling that I should keep him home with me. The feeling that I'm a bad mom for wanting a day of "me" time. 

Which is actually laughable. While I do plan to relax today, I have a million and one things to do, it seems. We had a pretty laid-back weekend, including a four-hour trip over to Kentucky on an errand yesterday, so I have tons of housework and laundry to do. I'm working on a couple of writing pieces. I plan to run on the treadmill and get in a good workout. I need to file papers and get the pile of things we no longer want/need organized for a yard sale. 

I tend to take days like today when I actually get a bit of free time and take a major chunk out of my to-do list. But there are days that I like to veg out and catch up on my shows. 

What do you do on free days? And if you are like me and feel you are always on the go, how do you carve out some "me" time?

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  1. I don't get free days. Me time comes in the form of sleep and that's about it. :(

    Craig won't watch Grayson alone, at all. Unless it's while I run to the grocery store or something while he naps - if that counts. :( Once G is in bed- I have to bathe (which feels like another chore and not "me" time) pump, get anything else done that needs done and get to bed.

    I watch zero tv, unless I hear or see something that is on while Grayson is playing and I'm not busy making dinner, cleaning, ect.

    I get so frustrated at how much free time Craig has and how little his life has changed since Gray was born. But I won't send him with Craig on a Saturday or anything while I do what I want to because I only get to see him on the weekends and evenings. So I don't want to lose any extra time, you know?

  2. I was standing in the kitchen today thinking that in August my son will be able to start school. Even though my youngest will still be home, I was thinking about how much more time I would have in my days to get things done. I think all of us mom's need and want free time. It is definitely hard not to feel guilty about though.


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