Bumpdate - 38 weeks

I'm crossing my fingers this may be the last Bumpdate. But realistic enough to realize I probably have one or two left to go.

Believe me, this baby can bake as long as he/she wants to (up to Nov. 29, that is) but I am SO READY to meet this little munchkin. Not to mention there is a big lunch meeting on Nov. 19 with my work that I'd love to be able to attend, but am pretty sure there is no way I'm going unless the babe is at least two weeks old. At about 8 pounds, don't you think he/she is ready to come out? I mean, it's getting to the point where I feel pressure from the babe on my hip and ribs at the same time.

On to the recap from last week.

During Week 37, Tuffy ...
  • Was finally considered full term. Meaning while it wasn't quite due date, his/her lungs were mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb.
  • Weighed 7-8 lbs. according to the doctor - generally, it's 6 1/3 lbs at this time.
  • Gave mommy lots of heartburn. Does this mean we may have a head full of hair?
  • Chubby baby with a head full of hair? I die!
Mommy ...
  • Believes she has experienced some Braxton Hicks contractions. And a lot of cramping.
  • Continued to drink all the time. Chocolate milk, grapefruit juice and KoolAid ... yum.
  • Went through about half a bottle of Tums.
  • Realized her belly button is now flush with the rest of the skin. Not an innie or an outtie.
  • Feels like the baby is trying to rip apart her skin at times! I have very sensitive skin and will probably never wear a bikini again :( But I'm sure Tuffy will be worth it.
  • Thinks the baby has dropped some based on how the bump looks.
  • Continued swelling.
  • Gained about 24 lbs.
  • Gotten up 2-3 times a night to use the restroom. But other than that, very blessed when it comes to being able to sleep.
  • Is constantly hitting her belly on something. Most often while opening the refrigerator door. Reason 416587341 this baby needs to come out soon!
  • As sure as I was that baby was a boy for such a long time, I now have that same conviction Tuff is a girl. We shall see soon :) It seems like most of you all are thinking boy though. If you haven't voted yet, please do!
Now that we've reached the 38 week mark, Mommy plans to ...
  • Walk every day, even if it's just up and down the stairs
  • Eat spicy foods!
  • Spend lots of quality time with Daddy :) Including a date night on Saturday if the baby has not decided to grace us with his/her presence.
  • Pray for some sort of progress at today's dr. appointment!
Over the weekend, we did some "nesting" projects. We got Tuff's "Just Born" onesie all ready to go, and I packed the majority of our things for the hospital. We gave the nursery another good cleaning and painted the frames for the artwork. Did all the laundry. Cleaned most of the house (including the trim and finishing the deep clean in the spare bedroom, finally!) Cleaned out the truck and installed the car seat and mirror. Finished thank you cards and got them in the mail.

So, I'd say I'll definitely be ready for a baby later this week. Are you listening, Tuffy?


  1. you are just adorable!! :)
    hope you get one last date night in!!

  2. Hope you get your date & the luncheon...

    (who doesn't like free office food? lol)

  3. I love the pictures! And that green is really pretty on you!

    Hoping for progress for you today!!

  4. Are u serious,38 wks? where have I been! Sorry! You look amazing and your so little! Go ahead get a date night in asap!


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