Bumpdate - 37 weeks

I did a bit of a happy dance this morning - it's November! Usually I dread the cold, winter months, but this will most definitely be Tuffy's birthday month, as my doctor will not let me go past Nov. 29 without an induction.

Anyhow, here's a recap of Week 36:
  • First off, at my dr appt last week, the nurse said I was down to measuring just one week ahead and the doctor guessed Baby was about 6.5 lbs. So by now it should be 7 lbs. and who knows how tall.
  • Also had the Group B Strep test. Hopefully I'll find out the results of that today.
  • It looks like the kidney stone is out of my system. Praise the Lord!
  • Since they did the GBS, I also had an internal, which showed absolutely no progress. Ugh! I'm going to decline one this week.
  • Baby was in the head down position, hopefully it stays that way!
During Week 36:
  • Baby continued packing on the pounds, at the rate of about an ounce per day or half a pound a week.
  • He/she is now shedding most of the downy hair that covers the body as well as the waxy substance that protects the skin during the nine months in amniotic fluid.
Mom is...
  • Holding steady at gaining just under 23 lbs.
  • Yet still feels bigger and bigger every day.
  • Experiencing lots of exhaustion and back pain, some cramping at night.
  • Feels stretched to the max! I don't feel kicks anymore, just stretches and such. Daddy enjoys feeling baby (especially while applying cocoa butter!) and trying to figure out what body part it is.
  • Still loving drinks! Water, grapefruit juice, chocolate milk and KoolAid are all musts around our house.
  • Stressing about the littlest things, like making sure the dishes get washed every night and some household tasks get done every weekend, just in case.
  • Still debating names with Daddy.
  • Hating the stretch marks
  • Experiencing some swelling in my hands
  • Wondering what I'll wear when my maternity clothes are too short
  • Loving rocking in the glider every now and then :)
  • Still guessing whether we have a cowboy or princess on the way. Most everyone thinks cowboy, by the way, but I'm still not sure.
  • Kinda wanting a boy because the going home outfit we've bought for a boy is just too precious!
  • Needing about one more week to get my house/mind/work ready, but thinking a Nov. 11 birthday would be perfect. But feeling for the first time like I may make it to/go over my due date for some reason ...
And here I am last night (nope, the baby isn't growing in my chubby arms!)

I was trying to pull up my 19 week pix, where I was wearing the same cami, so we can all laugh. Well, I can't get the pictures to load, but here is the link. No big difference, right?


  1. Hooray! Baby month is here! :) So exciting!!

    Tuff will be here VERY soon! But looks like you will make your hair appointment! :)

    You look great! And with 23 pounds, within a couple weeks of delivering you will be back in your prebaby jeans in no time! I bet you can't wait for that!

  2. You look great! Getting so close to the end :)

  3. So close to meeting your little bean! How exciting! You look fab and like you are all belly!!

  4. You are getting so close! Love that we share the same due date AND are having issues picking out names! I swear if we could, we'd take her home with the name Baby Girl!

    Can't wait to see your little one!


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