Miscellany Monday

{1} So, I'd planned to post nursery pictures today since we finally got everything hung on Friday night, but silly me, I left my memory card at home! So it will have to wait until tomorrow probably.

{2} Part of me hopes I'll be introducing you to Baby R before I reveal the nursery. I know I'm biased, but I seriously think it's the most beautiful room I've ever seen!

{3} I've had lots of "baby action" over the weekend, but never enough to push me into active labor. Grrr. I joke if baby is like me, he/she will come today or tomorrow - right on time or a little early. Of course, if like daddy, he/she will be late.

{4} Friday and Saturday, I got pretty amazing sleep. And napped during the day Saturday/Sunday. Last night, I was up off and on from 2-6 a.m. I don't think I will be making it at work past noon today.

{5} Other than the obvious, what are tips/tricks you've heard for getting the baby out? Right now, our house is in order - I contemplated staying home today, but reasoned with hubby that all I'd have to do is wash dishes and pick up the spare bedroom - combined, these tasks shouldn't take more than an hour. So I assumed I'd just be bored and came into work anyhow. I've eaten pineapple, taken long, relaxing baths and done the nesting thing. In fact, when I was up this morning, I folded a load of towels around 3 a.m. - am I crazy?

{6} Is it bad that part of me hopes to be in the hospital on Thanksgiving? I don't want to be running around, nor do I want people stopping by all day. I'm in a generally pissy mood these days and hate it, so I try to avoid people.

{7} I do love how clean our house is though. J even cleaned out our shed and garage over the weekend. And we got to spend some great time together ... you know, he watched some shows that we'd DVR'd to clear up space, while I napped.

{8} I totally planned to bake some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins yesterday, but I never had the energy to do so.

{9} If you are tired of hearing me talk about pregnancy things, feel free to say so. I'm kind of sick of it too.

{9} I've noticed that, as my due date nears, I'm getting more daily page views. If you are new and stopping by, please say hi! And if you haven't yet, vote to guess our baby's gender - since my due date is tomorrow, I think it's set up to close then as well.

{11} Our menu plan for the week looks something like this:

Sunday - Applebees
Monday - Something with chicken ...
Tuesday - Dinner with friends (I think I am taking a salad? better check on that!)
Wednesday - BBQ sandwiches, french fries
Thursday - TURKEY DAY! We've had plenty of offers for dinner, including people who say they'll bring food to us in the hospital
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - We'll see. Maybe just frozen pizza?


  1. can't wait for the pictures! and you have every right to be in a pissy mood!! you have a 7lb+ baby baking! :) hope you get your thanksgiving wish!

  2. Can't wait to see the nursery and it doesn't matter rather its first or 2nd. A sweet baby's face would definitely trump the nursery!

    I love pumpkin choc chip cookies! I make some that are so soft and moist they seem like mini muffins! :)

    That amazing sleep must be what you need to prepare for Tuffs arrival! I hope it's soon. Feel free to be as pissy as you want. It's your show girlie! Let it out. We're you're friends through happy and pissy. :)


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