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I'm linking up with the challenge again, and today we are talking about YouTube (and other Internet fun!)

I have to be pretty honest and say that I mostly just use YouTube to see commercials or music videos. So while I love it, it's not one of those can't-live-without things.

But I am quite addicted to the Internet. In our old duplex, I was so bad about just sitting around playing on the computer ALL NIGHT after sitting at work in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. Bad Michelle. I still use my iPhone quite a bit at night, but I'm definitely not as bad.

My most-visited sites include:

Blogger (duh)
Our local newspapers

What I love about online is that everything is at your fingertips! It's such a great way to type in something and have it articulated. I love crafty things but am not crafty at all, so Etsy gives me a chance to buy those items as girls and support the small guy.

In terms of the social media sites, I like to stay informed and know what's going on. If I happen to know too much about your life, I think it's your fault because you are sharing it in a public forum. But how great is it to remember all those birthdays you wouldn't otherwise? Or better yet, be overwhelmed by the number of birthday greetings you get or congratulations on big life events? It's a great way to keep in touch and connected. While I do agree there are certain evils to social media, it's still a great tool I am very THANKful for :)

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  1. Our most visited site are pretty much the same! I also use Google Images - tons!


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