You Challenge - Week 10 :)

I remember starting this challenge back in September and thinking that by the time I finished, I would either have a baby or be very close.

Sixteen days from my due date, I'm still sitting here with a very big belly. I hoped I would have a family photo to show off, but that's OK, Baby apparently needs a little more time to grow. So, I'm going to share the next best thing:

Happy Sunday! Maybe next Sunday I'll have baby pictures to post? After all, I've said all along I'd love to have 11-11-11 as a birth date :)

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  1. Hoping Tuff is ready to come on Friday for you! That would be a neat birth date!

    Can't wait to hear about your appointment tomorrow and if there is any progress!

    Come on pedicure :)

    Hope you got everything done this weekend that you hoped to! And I hope the surprise was good! :)


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