Thankful Thursday (2)

Here's Week 2 of my November tradition :)

Nov. 4 - I'm thankful for an awesome hairdresser who does a great job on my hair and is a good friend (we went to high school together!)Nov. 5 - I'm thankful that at this point in my pregnancy, I am blessed to still be active.

Nov. 6 - I'm thankful for the friends that have become family.

Nov. 7 - I'm thankful for a beautiful home.

Nov. 8 - I'm thankful that hubby and I both have jobs to pay for our beautiful home and a good lifestyle.

Nov. 9 - I'm thankful to have an awesome doctor and staff who make me feel so comfortable and never like I'm holding them up or asking stupid questions.

Nov. 10 - I'm thankful to have a refrigerator, deep freeze and pantry full of food. Some aren't so lucky.


  1. I have really admired how active you have been through your whole pregnancy! I feel like you have more energy than me! I also think it's a great idea to have your freezer all stocked for when the baby comes. I'm sure that will make your life so much easier!! :)

  2. Awesome things to be thankful for. :) Hope you're having a great day!


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