miscellany monday

{babies are a lot of work}
seriously. how am i supposed to rest before the baby comes when we have a million or so things to do? ha! it's actually not that bad, it was just a busy weekend. we got quite a bit done yesterday though. thank goodness. i'm waiting on the prints for the walls which i should be able to pick up today, and i think once i get that done, the nursery will finally be ready. we still have a to-do list, but i condensed about three pages to one yesterday morning. and we keep adding things!
and yes, i realize i should enjoy the time i have now, because it will be even less once tuff arrives.

{yummy food}
so, we played texas hold 'em with some friends on saturday. as usual, the food was delish! i made a veggie pizza - simplest appetizer ever and decently healthy. pre-baked crust, veggies, cream cheese and a ranch dressing packet. so yummy, i used the other crust and rest of the packet to make another yesterday and that is today's lunch :) and lynn made her delish "artery cloggers" - little smokies wrapped in bacon, topped with brown sugar and baked. yum-o. baby was definitely a fan of those.

{new hair}
i've mentioned that i had a hair appt. friday and didn't want the baby to come before that. hey, it hadn't been cut since late august! i wanted something different but didn't know what, and figured now isn't the best time to start styling my hair differently. so we added some caramel and blonde highlights, trimmed as usual and also threw in a side bang. LOVE. but forgot to get pictures. i think what i love most is that i still haven't washed it and it only took about 5 minutes to touch up this morning.

why do some people feel like they need to be in on EVERYTHING that goes on it others' lives? and if they don't know things, they practically get jealous and go nosing around? if i want you to know something, i will tell you! don't look at my facebook status that is ambiguous for a reason then go calling my husband to hint around and try to find out. grrrrrrr.

{menu monday}
so as i was cleaning out our upstairs freezer yesterday, i noticed that we have a lot of pre-made food that probably needs to be eaten. my mom has frozen a few dishes for us and several other people have told me they plan to bring food after baby is born so i'm trying to create some space. which means this week will be very simple:

Sunday - Long John's. Grocery shopping took longer than anticipated :(
Monday - Something with boneless pork chops. If it weren't dark so soon, I'd just have hubby grill them ...
Tuesday - Meatball subs, fries, salad
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Kettle beef and gravy (from the freezer), mashed potatoes, corn, rolls.
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - ??? Maybe we'll be able to have one final date night? i haven't been to a movie in forever ... but then again, would i really enjoy it considering how many bathroom breaks i need these days?


  1. i hope you get one last date night in!! hopefully baby comes soon! can't wait to find out what you have!

  2. I like Long Johns. :) And I did try the lemon pepper chicken! I forgot to tell you! It was pretty good! I didn't make the potatoes yet though. I made green beans with country ham with it and some Uncle Bens chicken flavored rice.

    Even if you don't do the movies, I hope you can get a date night!

    I can't wait to see your hair!


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