Thankful Thursday (3)

Week Three of Thankfulness :)

Nov. 11: Thankful for all of the veterans who have sacrificed so much to give us freedom.

Nov. 12: Thankful for all of the cute mom-and-pop stores in our Downtown Area. I love shopping there where I get unique items and support local people.

Nov. 13: Thankful for my friends' babies. I love loving on them! Happy 3rd birthday Payton Oliver!

Nov. 14: Thankful that mine and hubby's phones are working (after a 2 hour drive to St. Louis' Apple store to get them fixed on Sunday)

Nov. 15: Thankful that hubby and I have jobs. We may not always love them, but they are enjoyable and allow us to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and pay the bills.

Nov. 16: Thankful for our furbabies. Even if Doc and Jax (our two studs) are being mean to each other.

Nov. 17: Thankful for friends who come to the rescue with makeup so I don't have to go home before a meeting to make myself more presentable.

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  1. I'm definitely feeling you on the Nov 15th thankful! I feel like that constantly right now with my job!


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