Wednesday randoms

  • THERE IS AN END IN SIGHT! Ha! Yesterday we went to my weekly doctors appointment and I found out that while there is no dilation, I am about 70 percent effaced (thinned). There's been a big change in barometric pressure here and there is a full moon beginning tomorrow, so I'm still hopeful to go into labor at some point over the weekend.
  • If not, I have an excuse not to drive the hour to our main campus for work Monday/Tuesday. And my mom also offered to drive me if need be.
  • I'm also measuring like I'm already 40 weeks pregnant. In my mind, that means my job is done! Haha. I'm actually not that miserable, I'm just anxious and impatient. I want my baby HERE!
  • Last night we set up the pack and play. I hope it's not that hard to disassemble and set up every time we transport it. If so, it will not be packed :)
  • We planned to come straight home after seeing the doctor, but decided to make a trip to Sears instead to check out the treadmills (we've both been wanting to make this purchase!) and I told hubby to look through the tools, etc. to pick out a few things he might like for Christmas/his birthday. I now have several photos on my phone - including item numbers - so I'll probably just wait for a good Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and buy online.
  • Online shopping will be the death of me someday. Thankfully hubby and I keep our money separate so it's not something he can get too upset about :)
  • The fall color is beautiful right now. Love the orange leaves. Definitely worth the wait.
  • The weather hasn't been too bad either. Highs were in the 70s yesterday and should be in the 50s today. I can't really get socks on at this point, so I'm very hopeful we'll have decent weather until Tuff decides to arrive.
  • I dreamt the other night that we were surprised with twins. Scared the crap outta me.
  • Hubby and I are discussing selling my car (a 2003) very soon. We could really get by with just one vehicle, especially while I am on maternity leave. Since my car will just sit for awhile, we figure we may just sell it, earn a little interest off the money, then use it toward a newer vehicle with 4-wheel or all-wheel drive in late December, before I go back to work. That way too, we will save on insurance for a month or so - not too expensive, but it adds up!
  • I am "nesting" at work today. So far, I've cleaned out all the desk drawers and am working to get them organized. I've already filled one trash can - ha!
  • Since I haven't had time to decorate the house for fall, I am super-excited to get out all my Christmas stuff SOON. I usually don't pull anything out until after Thanksving, but that's only about two weeks away. However, there are a few craft sales in town this weekend and I plan to hit those up. Walk, walk, walk :)
  • I could spend an entire weekend catching up on the DVR and probably still have shows to watch.
  • I'm in the mood to bake, but don't have the energy. Sigh.
  • I think that's all for today. Happy Wednesday!


  1. yay for progress!!!

  2. Catch up on the DVR once you're on maternity leave maybe? I guess when Tuff is sleeping/eating perhaps?

    I would love a treadmill! Hubby had one when we got married but it was the cheapest one he could find and it was horrible to walk/run on.

    I'm so glad you're not feeling miserable. That at least eases the impatience that so many people get.

    Are you going to try to sell the car yourself or sell to a car lot? I know Carmax and a lot of other dealers will buy your car for pretty good prices without the hassle of trying to sell and wait for a buyer. That's what Craig did. :)


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