Bumpdate: 40 weeks

Well, my due date is here. Now I don't feel so bad about all my misery over still being pregnant.

At the beginning of my pregnancy (and still now) I told myself that I would stick it out to the 41 week mark, which my doctor supports and actually advocates, if need be. However, around 30 weeks, Baby R began to grow like a weed and I started measuring two weeks ahead. At one point, his/her weight was about a pound bigger than average. While the weight gain seems to have tapered off a bit (thank goodness, I really didn't want to have to push out a toddler!) he or she is still a big (likely tall) baby and has continued to measure one to two weeks ahead. This, combined with others' comments about how big my belly had gotten, really had me thinking the baby would be born a week or so early. So still being pregnant isn't the end of the world, but it is frustrating!

Add to this that I was having one minute contractions three to five minutes apart for about two hours last Friday, while up and moving around. Then we lay on the couch and nothing. I really thought a baby would be coming that night. I'm beginning to think that not knowing the sex is much easier than not have an appointment scheduled for this baby to come out! The not knowing when truly is the hardest part.

However, everything is ready. The bags are packed and loaded, other than the last-minute things like my makeup and straightener. I'm as mentally prepared as I can be. Hubby and I are hoping for the baby to be born today, so he can have today-Thursday off work, go back on Friday for a semi-easy day, then have three more days to use - likely that first week of December.

Last week hubby looked at me and said I better get the turkey out of the oven soon, my timer was about to pop!

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but at last week's appointment, my blood pressure was pretty high, so they made me lie on my left side and did another check in five minutes. Luckily, it looked perfect after that!

As of last week, I was still dialated about a 1. Hoping that's different by now with all the cramping/contracting I've been feeling.

No real cravings. My weight is actually down, and I'm at the 22-23 lbs. range for weight gain right now. I wish my stomach didn't look like I'd gained 50. But the belly is so big, I'm down to just a few outfits that I can wear without constantly tugging my shirt down. Lucky for me, we are off Thursday-Friday and if the baby isn't born by next Tuesday, we'll come up with a plan to get him/her out.

Last week after I watched the L&D video on my pregnancy app, I put the phone to my belly and replayed it in case Tuff needed some direction. Yes, I closed my office door to do so.

According to my app, during week 39, Baby is like a mini watermelon right now - and people continue to tell me I look like I swallowed either a watermelon or basketball. Doctor still guessing about 7.5 lbs at last week's appointment, so I'm going to say he/she will probably be about 8?

Tuff continues to build a layer of fat to help control body temperature once born, and the outer layers of skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

No picture today. Not feeling it. 


  1. Oh, wow! I'm sure you are ready to hold a precious little baby! It sounds like it's been a long week! lol!

  2. Oh my, hopefully he/she comes out SOOOON!

  3. I'm sorry Tuff hasn't came yet, Michelle. :( I know you are so ready and just want the baby in your arms and not in your belly any longer. Hoping you get your wish and that he/she gets here today or tomorrow!

  4. I'm ready for that babe to come out, so I can see some pictures!! :) I know you are ready too girl!! Hang in there - it'll be here before you know it!!!
    Can't wait to get that text!!! :)

  5. I hope you are having that sweet baby right now! :) Blessings to you all! And a happy Thanksgiving!


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