31 Days ... Day 12!

I was so proud of myself for scheduling posts for Thursday and Friday and figured that surely I would sit down at some point either day to schedule a couple for the rest of the weekend. Fat chance. So I'll be playing catch-up again today and tomorrow.

Today's tip is to bring lunch from home. I will admit, I do the dollar menu drive-thru, but it seems I always end up spending closer to $3. Five days a week, that adds up to $15 --- of food only! If hubby and I both do, it's $30. Yikes. I have a mini fridge at work and typically buy the $1 Lean Gourmet meals at Walmart, then pair with a salad from home (I buy bagged from Aldi for $1 which lasts 3 days at least.) So lucky to have the mini fridge, and I will actually just go on Walmart trips every week or so during lunch to restock. If I'm on the road, I make every effort to do something like PB&J, and I always keep peanut butter crackers and protein bars on hand.

Hubby is on his truck all day, so we just pack him a sandwich, as well as a couple of snacks. We also refill water bottles, do one bottle with tea brewed at home, and send one can of soda. So for hubby, we are really talking more about $10 of spending averted daily. I've not done the math on just how much we do save considering the cost of bread, cheese, canned soda, etc., but I'd guarantee you it's no more than $3.

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  1. My husband was the worst about eating garbage for lunch. We're talking $8+ on fast food daily between breakfast and lunch, plus extra drinks. Since we moved, and I haven't gotten a job here yet, I've been good about sending him with breakfast and lunch everyday. We're still trying to break him of the $3-4/day on energy drinks, but its a start.


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