31 Days ... Day 17!

As an adult, I've pretty much always shopped for clothes off-season. And now that I'm a mom, I do it even more!

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to buy ahead for kids. But I figured short-sleeved T-shirts always work, because you call pull a jacket over it in the winter. And now that Coop's older, it's even easier.

I'm not typically a Kohl's shopper - the deals seem to be too few and far between for me. However, I ventured in the other day because I had a 20 percent off coupon (LOVE when stores just email coupons with the store code). I am SO glad I did! Clearance items were another 25 percent off the lowest ticket price, then I got another 20 percent off of that price. I got Cooper several pairs of shorts for daycare for less than $2 each - that rivals yard sale prices! I'd say most of my clearance finds were about 90 percent off!

I also got a blazer for myself and a pair of shoes for another little boy's birthday present.

I walked out of the store with a large bag STUFFED full. My total was $39 ... but I saved $178.87.

This is totally the time of year to check out these bargains. I feel like the summer stuff goes on major clearance at the end of August, and by now they are practically giving you items just to get them out of the storen :)

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