31 Days ... Day 18!

Happy Friday!

This tip is super easy, but difficult because it requires stepping outside of your comfort zone - speaking up and asking for a discount!

Several years ago, hubby and I were in our local Sears looking at a new TV. It was claranced but we weren't sure why. We were told someone bought the TV and took it home, but it didn't fit right in the room, so they returned it. Since the box was open, they had to discount it. While we hemmed and hawed, our sales associate went to the computer and said that since a certain number of days had passed, they could discount it another $75 or so. Wow! This was when plasma TVs were new and all the rage, so we ended up with a $1400 TV for less than $900.

Last fall, we purchased a new refrigerator for our basement from Lowes. Pretty much the same situation ... in this case, the buyer said the ice machine didn't work, but there were no problems. We noticed dates on the back of the flier and assumed that was when the mark-downs occured, and the latest date was almost a full week from the date we were there. We asked the sales associate and, sure enough, they would take an additional 10 percent off! That fridge was originally $1600, and the price we paid was just under $900.

I'll also add that when purchasing these "defective" items, you get the same warranty that you would receive if you purchased the brand new!

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