31 Days... Day 14!

Almost caught up :)

Raise your hand if you get at least one of those daily deal emails.

Now raise the other hand if you buy things you don't really need from them.

How many hands are raised :)

I big puffy heart LOVE sites like, and My bank account, notsomuch.

It goes back to that old saying "It's never a good deal if you don't need it." Now, that's not to say it's all money wasted - I bought a pair of sandals on earilier this summer for less than $20 shipped and wear them a couple times a week and will wear them again next summer.

But then there are the earrings that hurt my ears and I think are sitting in a desk drawer. $2.99 plus shipping wasted.

So now, I am really working to think twice before ordering on any of those sites, because oftentimes items can't be returned, and the shipping costs definitely add up. So I'm not saying these sites are bad at all - I'm finding lots of Christmas and birthday gifts on there - just that it sometimes makes things too easy. And then they cause clutter at home. No bueno.

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