31 Days ... Day Seven!

Hey guys. Sorry for clogging your feed :)

Now that I'm caught up, I thought I would recycle a post. Lunch break is about over, LOL.

I'm still using Swagbucks and MyPoints. And still love them. It gets a bit sticky because our work server blocks some of these sites, so I'm not using it quite as regularly, but points are still piling up. As are Amazon gift cards :)

To add to this list, hubby and I also have a My Coke Rewards account. He goes through about a case a week, which is 20 points. You can get a free 12 pack for every 350 points. So yeah, it's a bit of work, but saves us some money. My mom saves her codes for us too!

If you'd like a referrel link (which I would thank you for!) or have any questions, let me know!

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