31 Days ... Day 20!

If you have an Aldi in your community and don't shop there, you need to stop in. It is amazing!

It's so funny - I was at an event the other night with several affluent individuals and the conversation turned to how we shop at Aldi and save a ton. Ha!

When you go to Aldi, you pay a quarter "deposit" for your car, that you get back when you return it. Most of the items are still in boxes on the shelves, and you bring your own bags or pay for them. Genius!

In return, you get super awesome prices. At our local Aldi, they offer the best produce prices and quality. We are also big fans of the bread (it keeps longer than any other brand!), milk, my cheese (hubby is a Kraft snob), frozen pizza, fish sticks, sugar, and several other items.

I will say that there are a few items that we don't care for at Aldi. But that's OK. I save plenty. My largest Aldi bill ever was probably around $40, and included I'd say 4 gallons of milk and several items.

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