31 Days ... Day Nine!

My husband often complains that I never fix "just a plain old cheeseburger."

He's right. I don't. It's way too meat-heavy and I like to stretch our meat :)

One pound of hamburger meat typically feeds our family one meal, with maybe an extra patty left over for hubby to take for lunch the next day, depending on how ravenous he is. I can take that same pound of hamburger and make spaghetti or some other dish that will last 2 plus meals.

Thankfully, my meat-eater husband is a huge fan of beans. I buy large bags of brown pinto beans, but I'd say that for $2 worth of beans, we can eat at least three meals. I typically will just do cornbread - which once again, I'd say costs around $1-$2 since I make mine from scratch - and we have a meal. Times three.

Now we don't "buy" our meat (more on that another day) but I think the going rate for a pound alone is almost $3, plus all the add-ons. You do the math.

I've considered the idea of meatless Mondays but am not there quite yet. Maybe someday?

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