31 Days ... Day 3!

I'm not a coffee drinker. But I LOVE caramel apple cider, Chai lattes, hot tea, etc. It's a great pick me up, or wonderful to warm me up when I am freezing.

A cute little coffee shop opened up in town in August, and it sucked me in for the Chai - all $4 of it when including a tip. Obviously this had to go when I went on the spending freeze.

Instead, I go to the local store and buy a box of flavored tea (my current fave is Lipton Bavarian Wild Berry). There is a coffee pot in the hallway that no one else uses, so mid-morning, I run some water through to heat it and then just sip on tea the rest of the day. I love it, and it costs no more than 25 cents per day. Win!

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  1. I like Pacific Chai-Spiced Chai Tea. Its 5.69 at Walmart (probably cheaper for you since everything here in Alaska is more expensive) and makes 32 cups I believe.


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