31 Days ... Day Eleven!

It's such a blogger sin, I know, but I'm really not a fan of fall. Or spring. My allergies go crazy. I like wearing sandals, and that's kinda frowned upon once it gets too cold.

But I do like the utility bills!

Every time the weather begins to change (like now that highs are around 75) we turn off the heat/air. And keep it off. Then we make it a fun game to see how long we can go before turning on the heat/air. One year, we made it to June before turning on the air. The year we bought our house and were saving like crazy, we didn't turn on the heat until mid-November.

Crazy? Maybe. But it cuts our utility bill in half! That's money that we funnel straight to savings, or pay on top of our minimum payment for some of our other bills, like the mortgage. And as I think we established in yesterday's post, every dollar counts.

So in a few weeks, I may be complaining about how cold it is in my house. But we have warm clothes and blankets. And be in a better financial place :)

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