31 Days ... Day 15

So yesterday I told you about how some of those awesome deal sites are the devil ... today I'm going to tell you all about how I spend money in order to save it. LOL

No, really. If I have a big purchase and can get free shipping, I just do it online. And ANY time that I do things online (from Hotwire to other stores) I check out the cash back currently being paid on Shop At Home, eBates and Mr. Rebates, then purchase through the best paying site.

This has also been a big help. 2 percent cash back on a $100 hotel room isn't a lot but it adds up. Of course, then there are bigger purchases, like our treadmill, where we've gotten back over $20. For me, it definitely pays to shop online.

If you have questions about any of these sites, please let me know! I also get a referrel bonus, so if you'll let me know, I would be super happy to send you a link :)

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