Back on the fitness train

Last week I mentioned that I gained a few pounds over the Fourth of July holiday and was feeling kinda disgusting - so I pledged to start taking care of my body again! I weighed in last Friday after a few days of being healthier and figured I'd use that as a starting weight. 
In the past eight days, I have been to the gym three times, during which I've steadily gone further and faster on the treadmill. I've also worked out twice at home with these videos:

Wow ... they are both amazing! I've definitely noticed my breathing getting better and that I'm getting more tone and a lot stronger. 

Now on to the deets. I really don't feel comfortable disclosing my actual weight on here, but I'm a visual person and like to see how the actual numbers go down - not just that I've lost 4.7 pounds. So I'm going to change the front numbers! 

We'll say I started this at 106.8 ... and this morning I was 105.8! Exactly one pound lost and I know a bunch of muscle gained - woohoo!

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