Wordy Wednesday

Tuesday was a bad day. Not only did I not get home until almost two hours later than usual, it was the anniversary of a good friend's death.

These immediately put a smile on my face, though:

The best part is, they weren't for anything in particular. Over the weekend, I experienced some frustration with J that I feel like all of the housework falls on my shoulders. Yes, I know he works a hard job and all, but my work is stressful too sometimes, and I feel like I work from the time I wake up to pack his lunch in the morning until 8 or so when we're done with dinner - and then the kitchen is still a mess! I was feeling very unappreciated and finally got it out. 

So not only did he bring home these pretties (a mix of my favorites), he also had peeled veggies to go with the roast I had put in the Crock Pot. 

And here's what sums it all up:

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