Oven fries

I'm all about being healthy and cheap. And this recipe fits the bill for both :)

There are two large potato farm corporations where we live, and one of them is J's account. They send him a bag every year. These are the potatoes used to make chips, so they must be processed soon or they go bad. So after some searching, I found a fabulous way to freeze them as fries — easy, yummy, and good on the wallet, since we really like fries (and our bellies show it!)

I think I found this recipe on, but I couldn't find it after I searched just now. But I adapted it a bit ... here goes. 

What you'll need:
- 6 to 8 potatoes (about three pounds -- but I just did enough to fill the pan!)
- 2 T. oil
- Seasoning

Make it:
- Scrub the potatoes and slice into pretty fries. I used an old French Fry cutter my mom has. No way I can get them all the same size - or have that amount of patience!
- Coat with the oil
- Sprinkle with desired seasoning. I just used seasoning salt
- Bake in a 400-degree oven for 30 minutes. Allow to cool, and then place pans in freezer for another one to two hours. Bag. 
- When ready to eat, pop the frozen fries into oil! You can also bake these, but I'm going to be honest and say that since I don't do baked fries, I don't know what temp or how long. 

These are seriously good. From our big 'ole bag of taters, I did eight batches of these and got about six gallon bags. Considering that all I have invested in it is maybe two cups of oil and seasoning I get pretty cheap, I'd say it's well worth the little bit of time!

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