This week's menu plan!

Is it seriously Tuesday? 
The Fourth of July weekend went by entirely too fast. We were on the go the entire weekend, but I think I only snapped one picture! Although Monday we did have some downtime and I was able to hang some decor - but more on that later.
Although it's a day late (maybe I should just start Menu Plan Tuesday) here's what we're eating this week:

Sunday: Party at our neighbor's house
Monday: Tostadas! I bought some tostada shells super cheap and we piled on refried beans, seasoned meat, lettuce, tomatoes straight out of the garden and cheese - YUM! I also used some leftover Mexican rice as a side.
Tuesday: Pizza buffet fundraiser at a local restaurant
Wednesday: Chicken and Rice Casserole, salads
Thursday: Pulled pork barbecue sandwiches, fries
Friday: Salmon patties, fried potatoes, sliced tomatoes
Saturday: Leftovers

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