What a week!

This week feels like it's both drug and flown by!
J was on vacay this week. I don't have all the time available that he does, so I didn't take the entire week off, but I did use a couple days to spend with him and we went camping then floating the Current River :) I didn't get a lot of pics on my digi, but here's one of us in the river where we camped. 

The weather forecast was showing a potential of showers and cooler weather (I know mid-80s sounds nice, but it isn't when you're in a tube on the river) but thankfully the weather was perfect! We camped by ourselves on Tuesday night and then some friends and their little darlings met up with us to float on Wednesday. 
Since we didn't get home until 10 p.m. Wednesday night, I was EXHAUSTED at work Thursday and left around lunchtime. However, I had an interview later in the evening so it was all good in the hood :) Also, one of my mom's friends had a garage sale she let us preview and I got a bunch of steals - I totally need to have kids soon! But until then, I have plenty of friends with kids to spoil :)

Our house is an absolute mess, so I plan to clean clean clean once I get off work today. Saturday my uncle is having his annual July 3 party and then Sunday we're having lunch at a small-town picnic (fried chicken, roast beef, ham, dressing and all the fixings - oh yes!) and then chilling, and I plan to do more of the same and maybe some crafty around-the-house projects on Monday. 

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