Fitness Friday -- July 30

I did well on my food intake this week, but not so much on the workout. I just get too lazy on the weekends, and with a busy work schedule, I only worked out twice all week. 
But I actually kept on track (all those fruits and veggies must be working!) and still saw a decrease on the scale. 

I've been eating a new breakfast this week that was suggested in Shape magazine: A toasted English muffin with peanut butter and apple slices. This is delicious and combines all sorts of yummy flavors and textures. J is in love, too :)

Here are the deets (with only the two number correct b/c I don't wanna share my real weight just yet) :
Starting weight: 107.6 (July 9)
Last week: 105.4
This morning: 104.0

1.4 pounds of weight loss over the past week. 
I wonder how well I could do if I were super focused for an entire week?

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