Fitness Friday

It was an overall good week! 
I was a slacker when it came to exercise over the weekend, and ate a tad too much on Sunday at a family party. However, I really got on board during the week by watching portions and exercising. No gym this week, but we worked out at home three nights and also went for a run on Wednesday — we ran about a mile nonstop, then a combo run/walk on the way back. It's nice having a workout partner as my support system :)
I definitely see a difference in my body shape over the past two weeks.

Here are the deets (only the last two numbers are my real weight)
Starting weight: 107.6
Last week: 106.6
This morning: 105.4

That's 1.2 pounds of weight loss! Hopefully I'll keep it up and be at my ideal weight in just over two months!

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