12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 2

I'm back for Day 2 of the Christmas Blogging Challenge. Today, the topic is Black Friday/General Shopping Tips and Tricks.

My mom never did Black Friday shopping, but I did it in part for work a few years ago and am hooked. I just love the atmosphere and the deals :)

I live in a small town and always have to go into work around 8 a.m. - or 9 a.m. - at the latest, so my options are pretty much limited to Wal Mart, Penneys, Lowes and our small Sears. Wal Mart is usually the first stop. Last year is the first year we got a big-ticket item --- a 32-inch TV for the new house. It was one of the pricier ones, so the line wasn't bad at all. There are always great deals on small, household items, so lots of times I end up getting little stocking stuffers or gifts for ourselves. I LOVE the cheap DVDs on Black Friday! In fact, I think the worst part for me is the super long line at Wally World.

When it comes to my general shopping, although I do some on Black Friday, I really do a lot of mine throughout the year. I was able to buy about $30 worth of merchandise for my niece for less than $10 just by purchasing things when I notice they are on sale. I like to give "useful" gifts, so I try to nail down what I plan to get as early in the year as possible so I can find sales. In fact, I bought J's tool box set for 55 percent off the regular price - because I got it in October! I haven't seen any deals close to that good on any scans. 

Buying early means there is the potential to forget what you bought. Since we don't have children yet and have spare closet space, I just pile it up into a tote or box. A couple weeks ago, I went through everything and divided it, then made a mental list of who I had already purchased for. 

I think the most important thing when it comes to gifts is to be personal and put some thought into it. I always strive to do this, and after getting both types of gifts, I know what I prefer!!


  1. I love these! Thanks for sharing these tips!!!!

  2. See, if I buy at the beginning of the year, or even in the summer, I will forget! Probably because I don't put it in one place! Duh! Genius!!! :)


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