12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 4

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did!!!

Day four is all about tips and tricks to a budget friendly holiday season. Here are mine:

{1} Plan, plan, plan! Make a budget of what you plan to spend on each person and STICK TO IT!

{2} Shop the sales! I always do :) I figure if I plan to spend $20 on someone and get a $20 item for less, then it's my gain for being a savvy shopper!

{3} Shop through the year. I always buy kids' clothes for my niece and friends' kids at the end of the season when they are rock-bottom prices. Kids are always growing, and I figure if I only pay $6 for three outfits, who cares if they only get worn once!

{4} Be creative. I love walking through Hobby Lobby coming up with ideas! This year, I'm making my niece a hairbow holder — I'll make it for about $3 (and have no craft skills) compared to the $10 pricetag I've seen elsewhere. Plus, I'm a sucker for those 40 percent off coupons at HL.

{5} Don't spend more than you can afford. Sometimes it's too easy to swipe the credit or debit card. If you need to just get cash and use the envelope system, I would highly advise it!

{6} Remember it's the thought that counts most. Last year, a coworker's son, who had just graduated and didn't have a job, gave her a card saying thanks for several things. She said it's the best gift she'd ever received from him.

{7} Don't forget the less fortunate. I always try and find a clearance item to donate to one of the many holiday drives in our community.

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