What I'm Loving

Happy Wednesday! Once again, I'm linking up with Jamie :)

{1} It may be a given, but I'm LOVING that it's Wednesday. Wednesdays are such happy days --- it's a quiet day at work so I get a lot done and I just love knowing the weekend is almost here :)

{2} I'm really LOVING that Thanksgiving is just a week and a day away. I plan to totally stuff myself :) And once Thanksgiving is over, I get to start decorating for Christmas --- my totally favorite time of the year!!!

{3} I'm LOVING that I'm in a chipper mood today. Maybe it's that I got off Zyrtec again, maybe it's Wednesday, or maybe it's the morning exercise. That's right --- I got my booty out of bed and did the 15-minute total body workout of my Jackie Warner DVD and it feels great. Morning workouts just may be the thing for me :)

{4} I'm LOVING that I made a big pot of chili on Sunday and we still have leftovers! I just love chili and think it's best leftover, so I always use two lbs. ground beef, six cans of beans and a half gallon of tomato juice. Yummy ...

{5} I'm LOVING that I stayed home during the icky rainy weather yesterday. Before lunch, I managed to clean the master, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Yet I was still in my pajamas ... oops :)

{6} I'm really LOVING the Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson song "Don't You Wanna Stay." I think I first heard it on the CMAs last week and have been hearing it on the radio a ton since. I just didn't like seeing them sing --- maybe Tim and Faith have ruined me, but I didn't see the love between them, so I couldn't believe it. Yes, I'm a dork. 

{7} I'm LOVING that our town (and J's alma matter) football team is playing the last game before state finals this weekend. Even though I didn't go to school here — mine didn't have football :( — I'm still caught up in the excitement. Go BULLDOGS!

{8} And of course, I'm loving this sweet man :)



  1. I'm coming over for leftover chili. Yum!

  2. I am loving that it is almost Thanksgiving too :)

  3. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving next week-where has the year gone!?! Are you in Sikeston? I was born in Sikeston!

  4. Thanks for playing along!

    I really like that song too!

  5. Way to go with your early morning workouts! I keep saying I'm going to do


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