One year ago ...

We became homeowners! Hey, 30 years of debt!

Technically it won't be a year until tomorrow, but I usually try to stay off the computer on the weekends. 

We've put a lot of sweat, hard work and money into the house over the past year. That landscaping in the front has been moved around. We've built a fence so our horsies can call our home theirs now as well. So many little things have been done inside and out, as we strive to make this dream come true be absolutely perfect for us. 

I remember just how nervous I was a year ago. We'd had this house under contract since early September and originally had 30 days to close. Since it was a foreclosure, things kept popping up - namely that it is in a flood zone and the walkout basement was below base flood elevation - so we were anxious just to sign our lives away and be able to call it our own. The night before we closed, we went to the house for a final walk-through (one upside of having a foreclosed home and the garage door code) and saw the "sold" sign in the front yard. Then, a peaceful feeling rushed and I finally felt that it really was happening!

We are so blessed to have this home to call our own. It is a beautiful home that we can raise a family in — and not just dogs and horses :) Sometimes, I'm still shocked that I can call it mine. 

Well, mine, J's, and the bank's. For the next 29 years :)

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